Dinner Sets and Coffee Sets
from a German premium manufacturer

stands for high-quality and finely finished crockery for both, the catering and private sectors. "Made in Germany" promises the best quality and reliability, which we ship from our own factory in Baernau in northern Bavaria upon the whole world.

Porcelain and finishing by professionals:
30 years of experience

We have been supplying well-known national and international customers as a porcelain manufactory since 1993 and are known for our elaborate and unusual gold decoration for tableware, Dinner Sets, Coffee Sets and other porcelain. With our quality and reliability, we have earned the reputation of a real premium brand for porcelain and play in one league with other well-known big names, which we are very proud of .

Our production staff has the experience and skills to create this masterful work required to apply the decor or paint the porcelain. The designers at FALKEN­PORZELLAN have mastered the language of shape and color and decorate our porcelain with timeless, classic decors, so that new collections are constantly being added to our bestsellers. Our tableware sets are particularly popular with lovers of traditional porcelain shapes and decoration.

Porcelain that meets the highest standards

The FALKENPORCELAIN tableware for Dinner Sets and Coffee Sets can be found in palaces, royal houses, embassies, ministries, luxury hotels and private clubs all over the world. But of course we also produce for the personal private area, or as a very special gift (e.g. wedding, anniversary and others). In addition, existing crockery can be supplemented and upgraded at any time with FALKENPORZELLAN pieces.

Simply assemble individually in our online shop

Our items include plates, cups and saucers, bowls - everything what is required for a finely table setup with Dinner Set or Coffee Set. How many people should it be for? From the coffee pot to the muesli bowl / Kasushka, from the sauce boat to the salad bowl in different sizes, from the sugar bowl to salt and pepper shakers - in our online shop you can put together your set individually or use suggested combinations ( under 'SETS').

Our luxury porcelain - printed and hand-painted with 24 carat gold and/or platinum - is made for the Haute Cuisine of the gastronomy, but of course also for the festive table at home. Whenever you want to make a statement, our
decors have something for every taste: from subtle gold etched bands to absolutely exclusive patterns, but also something suitable for everyday use. There is only one thing your table will probably never do with our quality crockery: remain unfinished. Because the falcon logo on the back alone makes an unmistakable mark, as does the decor. Please note that e.g. B. Dinner plates or coffee cups can only be ordered in boxes of 6.

What goes with a Coffee Set/ Tea Set?

A crockery for a classic coffee party usually consists of porcelain for 6 persons, so one set contains usually 6 each flat plates or dessert plates, 6 coffee cups, 6 saucers and is completed by 1 coffeepot or teapot, 1 sugar bowl and 1 Milk jug.

What is the definition of Home Set?

A FALKENPORZELLAN Home Set is considered a certain standard work for every private household. It includes 6 flat dinner plates, 6 deep plates for soup or pasta, 6 flat-/ dessert plates and 6 tall mugs for hot drinks, which no saucers are needed.

Which items includes a Dinner Set?

A high-quality Dinner Set includes everything you need for six people and a small menu. In addition to deep plates for soup or pasta, flat dinner plates and salad bowls, a good set also includes round and oval serving dishes, a sauce boat and maybe even a tureen. Whether stylish/ modern/ elegant or colorful avant-garde is up to you!

What is a Combi Set?

A Combi Set includes parts of the Dinner Set and Coffee Set and is ideal if, for example, coffee and cake are also served after lunch. A combination service has the advantage, that the look of your laid table appears to be of one piece and everything goes well together.

What is a Breakfast Set?

It´s a single set consisting of a flat breakfast plate, a slightly smaller bread plate, a large cereal bowl and a cup and saucer for coffee or tea. Perfect as an introduction to the world of FALKENPORZELLAN, of course freely multipliable and individually expandable suitable.

Are FALKENPORZELLAN decorations dishwasher safe?

Caring for our porcelain is very easy, because the items are suitable for the dishwasher. However, make sure that the porcelain is sorted in without friction. We recommend washing programs with lower temperatures and longer washing times (Eco program). Warning: Dishes are for the microwave with gold rim/ gold decor absolutely taboo! If you have got a broken plate, cup or bowl and you do need a replacement for this item, please contact us by Contact form or via